Changes in version 2017.2.0

FFC 2017.2.0 was released on 2017-12-05.

Summary of changes

  • Some fixes for ufc::eval for esoteric element combinations
  • Reimplement code generation for all ufc classes with new class ufc::coordinate_mapping which can map between coordinates, compute jacobians, etc. for a coordinate mapping parameterized by a specific finite element.
  • New functions in ufc::finite_element: - evaluate_reference_basis - evaluate_reference_basis_derivatives - transform_reference_basis_derivatives - tabulate_reference_dof_coordinates
  • New functions in ufc::dofmap: - num_global_support_dofs - num_element_support_dofs
  • Improved docstrings for parts of ufc.h
  • FFC now accepts Q and DQ finite element families defined on quadrilaterals and hexahedrons
  • Some fixes for ufc_geometry.h for quadrilateral and hexahedron cells