Changes in version 2016.2.0

FFC 2016.2.0 was released on 2016-11-30.

Summary of changes

  • Generalize ufc interface to non-affine parameterized coordinates
  • Add ufc::coordinate_mapping class
  • Make ufc interface depend on C++11 features requiring gcc version >= 4.8
  • Change the mapping pullback as metric to double covariant piola (this preserves tangential-tangential trace).
  • Added Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson element as supported element
  • Add mapping double contravariant piola (this preserves normal-normal trace).
  • Include comment with effective representation and integral metadata to generated tabulate_tensor code

Detailed changes

  • Jit compiler now compiles elements separately from forms to avoid duplicate work
  • Add parameter max_signature_length to optionally shorten signatures in the jit cache
  • Move uflacs module into ffc.uflacs
  • Remove installation of pkg-config and CMake files (UFC path and compiler flags are available from ffc module)
  • Add dependency on dijitso and remove dependency on instant
  • Add experimental Bitbucket pipelines
  • Tidy the repo after UFC and UFLACS merge, and general spring cleanup. This includes removal of instructions how to merge two repos, commit hash c8389032268041fe94682790cb773663bdf27286.