FEniCS in Docker

An easy way to run FEniCS is to use our prebuilt, high-performance Docker images. This documentation explains how to get quickly started with using FEniCS in Docker, as well as how to take advantage of more advanced features of Docker.


Support requests can be sent to the FEniCS Support mailing list (fenics-support@googlegroups.com).

For development-related questions and suggestions, use the FEniCS Development mailing list (fenics-dev@googlegroups.com). Bugs can be registered on the Bitbucket Issue Tracker (https://bitbucket.org/fenics-project/docker/issues).


Background on the use of containers with FEniCS, including performance data, is available in

Hale, J. S., Li, L., Richardson, C. N., and Wells, G. N. (2017). Containers for portable, productive and performant scientific computing. IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering 19(6):40-50. [doi:10.1109/MCSE.2017.2421459] [arXiv:1608.07573]

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